Christina Jobe

I want to tell you a bit about me. I am a wife, a mother and a dog owner. I am also a skeptic, with a BA from the Univerity of Washington, I had a FT career advising in higher education until recently when I was able to change my lifestyle for the better. I am an MS warrior and was devoted completely to following the path that many do take. "If I work hard in this system things will get easier". It never seemed to get easier. 

Long story short the first product I tried, Greens, was amazing. From my stand point as an MS warrior when you find something that makes you feel more energetic you keep using it. So I tried more products, I think one part of me was curious about the company and the other part of me wanted to debunk it all together because of the company's name alone. By the end of July I took the dive and joined my friend in this company. I will never regret the $100 dollars I spent to start my business. I get to help people feel their best! Ieven get to  coach individuals into reaching their own financial freedom. 
I learned to use faith over fear and it has made all the difference....

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